Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Our firm practices predominantly in Criminal Defence Law.

We act on behalf of clients who are charged with offences ranging from the most sever of offences including Murder, Drug Trafficking, Drug Importation, and Drug Production, to basic traffic matters including Drink Driving, Drive Without a Driver Licence, as well as Possession of Dangerous Drugs, and Public Nuisance type offences.

With over 100 years experience in the Criminal Defence sector, our Solicitors are trained thoroughly in all areas of Criminal Defence Law.

Supreme Court Bail

Our firm has a proven track record and reputation throughout South East Queensland Corrective Service Institutions when it comes to Supreme Court Bail Applications.

We draft, file and serve all Bail documents as a matter of urgency. We negotiate with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions with a view to having the Application proceed by way of consent.

Should the Directors Office not consent to our Application we are prepared and willing to fight on behalf of the Applicant.

When preparing Supreme Court Bail Applications we ensure we have perused all material that is available to Defence to ensure we can factually present all weaknesses in the Crown case.

Criminal Proceeds

We understand the importance of protecting clients rights and interests, and ensuring that matters involving Criminal Proceeds proceed as expediently as possible given that the restraint, and/or forfeiture of assets can have sever implications to the welfare and lifestyle of our clients.

​Given that we are experienced in complicated criminal matters, we understand that although Criminal Proceeds proceed in the Civil Jurisdiction, the ramifications that matters such as these can have with regards to Criminal matters are significant and should be considered.

Dangerous Prisoner

Given that the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003 can have catastrophic implications for a persons liberty, it is paramount that these matters are handled with the utmost care and diligence, whilst maintaining the dignity of our clients

Australian Crime Commission & Crime and Corruption Commission

We have extensive experience in matters concerning both the Australian Crime Commission & The Crime and Corruption Commission.

Wills & Estates

Whether you require Probate, Letters of Administration, or simply a Will, we at A W Bale & Son Solicitors have the experience to meet your needs.