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A.W Bale & Son in its present form is a boutique Criminal Law Firm with deep roots stretching back generations into the heart of the Queensland and Northern New South Wales community.

A. W. Bale & Son Solicitors is the oldest continually family run practice in Brisbane. The origins of A. W. Bale & Son stretch back to 1889 when Arthur William Bale started the practice from the offices of the Cobb & Co. stage coach transportation company. Amongst Arthur William Bale's many achievements was his attainment of the office of Mayor of Windsor. Arthur William Bale continued as Principal of the firm until his passing in the early 1950s.

A. W. Bale & Son relocated in the early part of the 1900s to the Brisbane Permanent Bank Building. During this period of relocation Theophilus Bale joined the practice. Theophilus Bale was a highly respected practitioner and also achieved the extremely esteemed position as president of the Queensland Law Society.

Theophilus Bale was later joined in practice by his brother Eric Albert Bale. The Firm then moved to the Phoenix Building in Brisbane and the family practice continued to flourish. Theophilus Bale passed away in the early 1940s leaving the practice to his brother and new partner Christopher Charles Macintyre. The partnership between the two was dissolved some years later and Eric Albert Bale continued to run the Firm until he passed away in 1967.

Stuart Bale took over the Firm from his father on his passing.  Stuart Bale has been admitted for over forty years and has had an illustrious career which has seen him defend a full spectrum of complex criminal matters. Stuart Bale is an extremely well respected member of the legal fraternity with the kind of experience which is vital in complex criminal matters.

Stuart Bale remained the Principal of the Firm until 2007 when his son Andrew Bale became the Principal of the Firm and Stuart Bale became a Consultant Solicitor.

Andrew Bale is renowned for his representation of clients charged with serious crime including Murder and high level Drug Trafficking.


Andrew Bale (Principal)
A. W. Bale & Son Solicitors